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Navigating a Homeowners Association can feel like being in a foreign land, complete with unfamiliar languages (CC&Rs, bylaws) and unique customs. 

Fear not, I’m Nadine Buxton, and I’m your seasoned guide.

Just like exploring a new culture, I help realtors, homeowners and homebuyers decode the HOA landscape. Together, we’ll make your HOA journey a breeze. 

Let’s embark on this adventure together! Explore HOA Consult Services now.


HOA Consult Services owner, Nadine Buxton, is a certified Community Association Manager who now uses her experience and skills  to provide education, information, professional guidance and support to realtors and homeowners in HOAs. 


Call me before you buy in an HOA

You’ve found the perfect home in a perfect Community but this is a big commitment and you have questions.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have answers to these and other important questions sooner than at the close of escrow and without having to wade through a mountain of documents?

HOA Consult Services Can Help!

The HOA Consult Services Association Information and Resource Report (AIR Report) distills the most commonly sought and crucial information from HOA governing documents into a concise, user-friendly format that saves you time, reduces stress, and empowers you with the knowledge you need at this critical time.

HOA 101 Webinar

The 1 hour HOA 101 Webinar is a great resource for anyone. Topics covered will include:

Webinars are held on the first Saturday of the month at 10 AM and are $25 per attendee. Call me to register today or to discuss a group presentation or a time that is more convenient. 760-279-1228.

Virtual webinar is hosted on the Zoom platform.

Which Service is right for you?

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Personal Consultation Appointment

Do you have a specific issue or topic you need immediate and specific guidance on? I’m here for you. While I cannot give legal advice, I can utilize my expertise and experience to clear up and provide solutions to problems that can occur in an HOA.

Common reasons people book a personal appointment are:

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